1. Sergeant Phantom

    Annoying game to watch as a Welsh man but I can guarantee that if halfpenny had been playing that first English try wouldn’t have happened at there would have been more points for wales with penalty’s, but hey ho these things happen

  2. fattwat1

    You must remember Wales had a basically second string team and England didn't put that many points on the scoreboard only six points in the end difference

  3. Andrew Shipley

    A depleted Wales comprehensively outplayed a strong England team. In 2019, Wales will have enough strength in depth to, once again, knock England out of the RWC.

  4. Will Brooks

    Please either change the narration so the nasal man doesn’t giveaway the result of each play before we can watch it – “wales couldn’t makes anything of this attack” at the start of said attack – to stop ruining it, or even better do what every other highlight reel does and just use regular commentary of the game. Also – extended highlights usually means more than just the scores, where were the close attacks, line breaks etc?

  5. Jeffo Jon J

    ..England just taking it easy!!
    Just cruising like Real Crusaders..
    Whales are weak..bad loosers way too negative..

  6. Mana Maori

    All Blacks convincingly beat Wales last year on their end of year Northern tour,so it may be safe to say England will never be ranked number 1 before the 2019 World Cup .

  7. azilli79

    Why did Wales keep kicking possession away? Had they not done that they would have won quite easily. In that dept. severely missing Biggar, Halfpenny and Williams they more often than not win those aerial battles but in this game Wales lost out every time. Biggar in for Patchell and this is a formidable Wales team.

  8. EMB 2017

    England look stocky and hefty with some fast runners but Ireland look like the full package to me with various game styles and some fucking quality runners.. can't see any teams beating these two before the fucking showdown in Twickenham.. bloody hell

  9. Great- But-Brainwashed

    THE TMO for England V Wales Wow them Pommy Bastards get away with it again it must have been after Maradona and the hand of God which knocked them out of the World Cup in 1986 because they cried and whited for donkeys years ,
    Now any decision that goes against the Pom’s does not count because they make so much of a fuss crying like they do that poor Wales bared the brunt and got robbed of a international game of rugby .

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