1. Stephen Reeds

    Poor old Scots. Every year the same… it's their year this year. At last strength in depth. Townsend superb coach. Then everyone turns on them. Knowing them they'll slutch a win against England and all will be wonderful again.

  2. Cleverson Campos

    The referee was excellent. French guys was a little bit unlucky like they were going in all 6 nations games. Anyway France is doing a good job but need to fix the 1 vs 1 game to the RwC.

  3. jumbeaux1

    At first I thought I've just seen a rare kick and chase by a prop but then later I saw his number.

    I still haven't gotten over the modern game's flanker size backs, now France has a prop size number 13. 🙂

  4. Adam Dickinson

    Wtf is that editing; switching angles halfway through runs, cutting back mid-tackle and for one of the 'tries of the tournament' not showing a wide angle to actually see what happened. Awful

  5. Lazywiing

    Good to see we are willing to trust young players. But to be honest, Scotland was missing its major players. They simply had a bad day. France has great backs but lacks good forwards, who cannot follow the pace and international standards. After two minutes of play, they had already been penalized twice.

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