1. Matthew Hilton

    I can honestly say when you play like that in a rugby test match whoever loses you are still proud don't get me wrong iam scottish and I am in awe of Wales and france in this game magnificent rugby and heart I wish us Scots could pull of wins like this against the very best sides

  2. Noggsy Joggsy

    I remember playing rugby back then if you smashed someone with your head you were a hero, when you fought the ref let you go at it, international players smoked and drank. France were good to watch, Ireland (my country) only won the odd time which made wins all the more sweeter, Wales were awful and Scotland were good new Zealand didn't cheat as much…good times only thing hasn't changed everyone wanted to beat england

  3. LD

    One can see how the game was starting to change with less contested rucks in this match. Forwards are fanning out on defense instead of fighting for the ball against the team that got tackled and brought to ground, setting up a ruck. A few years earlier and the forwards would have been charging in from both teams to fight for possession on just about every break down. Not anymore. The game now looks more like rugby league, and that's not good. There's just not that space created unless there are mistakes made that can be taken advantage of.

  4. bloggulator

    That was an epic match. Both sides put on a classy performance – It's almost a shame that someone had to win and someone had to lose. This was true sport.

  5. spradder5

    That's the way to sing the anthems! No need for the Operatic fancy rubbish that gets stage managed by some idiots from the IRB, the BBC, Sky or whoever it is that sorts the arrangement of the anthems. Overpaid rubbish replacing simple, honest singing. Rant over. I remember watching this brilliant game in Oz Bar, Oxford (a good while before it closed), with a load of other Welshmen and women.

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