1. Harr123

    It must have been obvious too that the official clock wasn't going to be able to handle the number 100, hence why they stopped at 99 minutes 55 seconds, don't want the clock going into meltdown do we!

  2. Harvey Yates

    I’ve followed rugby since amateur days. I have followed ‘my’ teams both home and away, not missing a single match for three seasons when driving long distances did not cripple my back.

    I’ve never seen anything like it.

    I found it so thrilling that even Barnes could not ruin it for me.

    I watched it with a group, including a Welsh bloke, and even he thought it should have been a penalty try at 81.30 or so for the foul on Dupont on the line. But who cares. The result was fair, in the end at least.

    Not the most thrilling of matches up until them but the last 20 mins made up for the previous 80.

  3. Pandemonium Lig

    "controversial", yes because a normal referee give a penalty try in favor of France dice the 81-82th minutes seeing the scrums dominated by France and breaked out of rules by Wales…

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