1. Colin McLaughlin

    My comment to World Rugby today about "ball colour choice".      Dear Sirs,
    1) Scotland played in a changed strip, of white and blue, instead of their usual dark blue,  on Sunday (11 Feb 2018) in the Six Nations match against France.
    2) The ball used for the match was white blue and mauve.
    3) This choice of ball colour made the ball and its whereabouts very hard to see, especially when being held against a Scotland jersey.  This choice of ball colour will have prejudiced France, as they wouldn't have been able to see the ball instantly and easily. 4) There seems to be no reason why the ball couldn't have been of a colour sufficiently different from the players' clothing for it to be easily visible at all times (e.g. bright yellow, or bright green).
    5) I looked at the Laws of Rugby just now. There seems to be no actual rule about what the colour of the ball should be. There should be a rule about this, in the interests of fairness, to avoid one of the two sides being confronted with a ball which matches too closely the other team's attire.
    6) Please would you make a new law about ball colour, along the following lines: "The ball chosen for a match should be of such colour or colours that it will stand out prominently against other colours so as to be and remain clearly visible throughout the game. In particular, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the ball shouldn't match or be so similar to the colours of either team's clothing that there may be difficulty in the whereabouts of the ball being seen easily by the opposing team."

  2. Michelle Mactavish

    Sadly the financial gap between England and Scotland is so vast…This in turn means that we will struggle to turn the English I am few weeks. Great effort against France however England is a completely differnt animal😕☺

  3. alan mckenzie

    Serious choice needs to made at stand off . Finn is an outstanding player but his penchant for the miracle pass and kick is too high risk for Test rugby . I think Pete Horne has more game management in him . I would bench Finn as an impact player and play Pete from the start .

  4. The Trailblazer

    Good win for Scotland. But Eng and Ireland won't be giving away penalties like the French team did lol. Scots will have to do more than going for 3 to have a chance.

  5. Peace for All

    English vs Wales game was dull and here even the 7 minute highlights aren't very exciting, rugby needs to change. Go for 13 men on the pitch, give the guys room to run again!!

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