1. doylustheboy

    I'm English right, but fair play to Connor Murray, he got properly nailed by Haskell, then Marler, but just cracked on, didn't piss & moan……………….I love this game

  2. 1unsung

    England are as dull and unimaginative as they have been for the last 40 years. Thuggish and utterly incapable of palying expansive, running rugby. In the Southern Hemisphere we rejoice and laugh heartily. Fast Eddie is all mouth and no trousers, a perfect coach for lame England. Wonderful.

  3. Anglo Fyrd

    The Irish have gone soft. If this was southern hemisphere opposition the Mike Brown incident wouldn't be an issue. But all the northern hemisphere teams have a problem with England and will look to make a big deal out of this stuff just because they've been doing it for years. Makes them feel good or whatever. Let them moan I say. Its amusing.

  4. Dan V

    Poite needs to hang up his boots. He was terrible all game, both sides should've scored more points and the incident with giving Care a yellow was just him looking for an excuse to send a white shirt off.

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