1. Alex James

    To all those dipshits who are still convinced that the England players would have tackled Webb or that itoje would have caught him may I draw your attention to 5:00. Itoje is way too far back and Webb is clearly passing the defenders before the ref even blew his whistle πŸ˜‚ with rugby union being such a rich man’s sport in England it’s no wonder half the fans have no idea what they are talking about. Most of you have never even played and those who have are probably privately educated and used to getting your own way. In the rest of the world rugby is a sport for fair sportsmen not spoilt rich pricks. Stop making shit up. You had a massively unfair bias when it came to penalties and yet we still scored 3 tries when you only scored 1. We had our 4th try robbed from us by a bad official not letting it go to TMO even though it is shown in the slow motion footage proving that north offloaded the ball before he went into touch.

    The better team lost because of bad game management by the official and a clear trend of biased decisions especially at the scrum.

  2. ragerancher

    All the Welsh whinging about North not being out whilst conveniently forgetting England being denied a valid try AND the first Welsh try being illegal. But you know, bitter little Welsh bigots don't stop to think about the fact the ref worked in their favour for a guaranteed total of 2 tries in that game whilst there was no guarantee of a try off this. It's typical of the Welsh though, infringe like fuck all game, get a 2 try swing in their favour from incorrect decisions, don't get a yellow they should have had but whinge and whinge and whinge about North not being out, even though Webb had 4 English forwards between him and the try line.

    A more pathetic and bitter people you will not find.

  3. FedoraTheExplora

    England may have won the grand-slam, but they must realise that technically they should have lost to Wales, George North was not in touch and Webb was easily through.


    i was working in wales and watching this match in a pub,my gaffer who lived in wales and knew all the locals introduced me and we had a good few pints before the start of the match,we were all in the round about 7 of us.as my surname is irish,they all thought i supported ireland,and when england scored i jumped up ,saying/FUCKING COME ON/.at that"they all looked at me and one of them said i thought you were irish ?.i replyed my parents are irish but i was born in england so i support england!.irelands my second team,my gaffer looked at me and rolled his eyes.after that they dropped me out of the round.i was working down there for 8 months and made sure i went in that pub at least 3 to 4 times over the week for a few pints after work.with some of them making snide remarks and trying to take the piss,which i just laugh off, they were a player short for the pubs pool team, at an away match in the next village,1 of them said do you play pool english DAVE?.in which i replyed english rules or welsh ?.can you play ,yes or no ?.yes i said/.well do you want to.? /.ok!./but dont let them know your english they will try and put you off while playingI THOUGHT YE RIGHT YOU DONT WANT THEM KNOWING IAM ENGLISH,as it happened it came down to a doubles final in which we won with me potting the winning black, all the team cheered shouting shot dave,well played boy.i answered NOT BAD FOR A BOY FROM ENGLAND..IF ANYONE HAS WATCHED< AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON>& THE SCENE IN A PUB CALLED THE SLAUGHTERED LAMB! you will know what i mean,,needless to say we got disqualified as i hadnt been signed in as amember of there team,SO FUCK THEM I HAD THE LAST LAUGH,SHOWER OF CUNTS!

  5. Nigel Clats

    I live in NZ and am incredibly lucky and grateful to do so.
    I do support the AB's,especially when they are smacking the arse of england
    However I am still a very proud Welshman and will support my team to the last,unlike you half french half english turncoat twats.
    you may keep posting to get the last word if you wish.
    I won't be replying to your inane comments anymore.

  6. Nigel Clats

    I am definately looking outside.
    I live in NZ and they love Welsh people like me,you know,the original britons and can't stand people like you,arrogant english/half french knobends.

  7. Nigel Clats

    yep everyone thought that at the RWC as well and the arrogant english press wrote Wales off (once again ) so don't start spouting that shit.
    when you consider the number of players in Wales compared to england we do incredibly well,and if you look at the last 100 years we are both on equal numbers of games won.
    The Welsh are loved everywhere and the arrogant english aren't.
    the english won a football world cup in 66 and we have never heard the end of it and a rwc in 03 and we never hear the end of that either.
    The saying Whingeing poms is so apt.

  8. Talbot6832

    England must be the only team in the world that comprehensively outplays its opponents for 90% of a match and then contrives to lose in the dying minutes. Is there a secret betting society involved? England were infinitely superior and should have seen this game away by 20 points.

  9. William Denton

    Wales DID NOT lose to "England", they lost to the clock! Another five minutes and Wales would have been victorious. "England" do not deserve to claim credit for beating Wales, so should be stripped of their Six Nations title, and their (undeserved) "grand slam".

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