1. TheGGMan

    Here's an idea to battle harden the Italian team for the 6 nations and have them be more competitive. Have the Italian squad compete in the ERCC like the Sunwolves and Jaguares are (Japan/Argentina) in the Super Rugby comp. Surely it could only benefit them.

  2. Ciunay_Ragathol

    I'm italian and i'm tired of these unskilled losers; i don't know much about rugby, it's not a common sport in Italy, but i try to watch them and every time you know it will be the same story… i don't expect they win all matches, but it's like if they get slapped in the face, it's so ridiculous that's like watching beginners vs professionals. The funny thing is that argentine guy, Castrogiovanni, which appears in TV spots (maybe just because of long hair?) like if he's a champion, while i don't remember a single victory of this terrible team in the last two years. It's clear they deserve a lesson: kick them out of RBS, and i hope to see a new italian team as soon as possible.

  3. Hshahahah

    Relegating the Italians to ENC will be a nightmare. It will kill the Italian rugby with no doubt. Something should be done. But i don't know what that something should be….Anybody here has an idea?:/

  4. Rugby FaNZ

    Well done Wales. Italy… oh dear… On a more positive note, its great that this channel uploads French and Italian language vids of the matches as well as English. They dont really do that for SH matches, its English or nothing – if you don't understand English, tough shit, time to learn it lol.

  5. Oscar O'Brien

    Which do you guyes think will be the try of the tournament between :
    Heaslip vs Italie
    J.Davies vs Italie
    Taylor vs France
    Hogg vs Ireland
    Watson vs France

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