1. King Alfreds Shieldwall

    Absolutely fucking pathetic. I would say Eddie Jones should of been sacked for that game alone but it would destabilise the world cup. Anything short of semi finals in the world cup and you have to go Eddie.

  2. Delboy Trotter

    What I'd love to know, is how young Farrel is the only RU player who is permitted by referees to still use the totally illegal, no arms shoulder-charge in a tackle? It's infuriating he never gets called on it!
    The game? Enjoyed it, brilliant (and dreadful in equal quantities!) but, in the end, a fair result and a wonderful game in terms of out-and-out entertainment!

  3. Jonathan Davies

    As a Welsh man I feel sorry for the English team to be run by this wet wipe. He needs sacking before he messes with these players minds anymore than he is.

  4. Huw Williams

    Owen Farell does not want to be here listening to Eddie Jones talking nonsence.Same thing happened against Wales .Lost power in the second half nothing in their legs . Not used to be playing in games when the ball is in play for long periods of time.That is how most teams play in the English Prem.Look at how Glasgow and Edinburgh play in the PRO14 …. you might pick up a few clues always at speed.

  5. vrs010

    Eddie Jones seems intent on confrontation and the pre-match comments ‘1883’ – were not v smart.
    Farrell can barely put two sentences together.
    Concerning ahead of RWC.

  6. brikfiend

    C'mon all,you know England let the Scots back in, in the 2nd half.It's good for business .When they needed to score at the end they did it with ease.

  7. thomas haley

    Always about england losing concentration or taking their foot of the gas with that jones , yer arse they ran out of steam had they played another 40 mins they would have lost by 30 points

  8. 1980’s Guy

    Look at EJ and Owen Farrell …ffs man , when we were being hammered 31-0 , Scotland kept their chins up and fought back , EJ you need to realise England squad aren’t robots ffs man…

    Farrell sitting their sulking like Hartley did last year …this is negative for England fans ….pick yourselves up and just push on man ….only months to WC , get on with it … no wonder some English fans get pissed.

    If I were English I’d want EJ out the job and get an English lad in to coach …someone whose heart is in the game … it their salary and own reputation.

    How can wallowing in self pity and negativity help team moral or the fans ?

    EJ out !!

    A terrific game of rugby either end …then this bullshit negativity from EJ and huffing from Farrell 👎
    Grow soma balls man.

  9. Haz

    What's up with the excuses, Eddie? You didn't win the tournament. Discipline and leadership is what you need, not saying they did well. Hit them were it hurts, they're grown ass men and need a telling. Get yourselves an Alun-Wyn and maybe you'll win.

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