1. Psycho

    As an Englishman, props to Scotland, we were resting on our laurels and you punished us for it, you should have won that match. See you in Japan, hopefully, England will have sorted their shit out by then.

  2. cardigan3000

    What a bunch of spineless public school pillow biters the English really are – blowing a 31-0 lead the biggest ever in test history to a Scottish team shorn of its best players and then scraping a draw at the death and celebrating like muppets as if theyd won the world cup . Their defence was so lacklustre and shoddy that they were letting forwards romp uncontested over the try line from all points of the pitch. England world cup contenders don't make me laugh – they'll be lucky to get out of the group – something they failed to do last time. Really this game was an encapsulation of the spirit of the pampered classes of English society – smug – complacent – triumphalist and arrogant – well done to the scots for exposing these posing frauds. Fine when everythings going their way as soon as they are faced with any adversity they fold up like a 2 dollar deckchair. Better bolster the squad with some more southern islanders and saffers – or maybe get some bent coppers in like the good old days because your show ponies aren't going to front up in japan on the evidence of this cowardly performance.

  3. Ken Lloyd

    Cracking game,i bet on Scotland t win but never mind,well done Scotland brill come back,thought u had snook it, u deserved to from 31-0 down,england celebrated t early, like always.

  4. Jacques Hughes

    The Johnson try sums it all up. Daley and Nowell both on him (covered) – Daley stands off, Nowell off balance, stood up and side-stepped for no reason; both miss an easy tackle. No cover. Defence a mess in an open game. Why did Jones play an open game? Mitchell – defence coach? Well done to Scotland – what a comeback. I'll remember this game for years to come, even though I support neither team.

  5. Yann BNT

    What A masterpiece!!! Congrats from France… Indeed France VS Italie gave me no thrill…such a tasteless match…Scotland deserved to win by the way 😉
    And congratulations to Wales also.
    One day, in maybe 2 or 3 years, France is back with a brand new staff, new players, and an new atmosphere, so we can get back to the French flair and victory.

  6. Wilhelmine Eichendorff

    Superbe !!! un grand match ne peut se faire sans deux grandes equipes donc grand merci à l'Ecosse et à l'Angleterre pour ce grand moment d'émotion

  7. Pierre LeBlanc

    Scotland at their mercurial best! On their day, they can beat anyone and on another, anyone can beat them. Just fabulous entertainment; well done Scotland.

  8. Goran Bozickovic

    Absolutely amazing. I am 63 years old, played international rugby back in the day, (yes … that is me in the lineout , playing for Yugoslavia against France in 1979), watched hundreds of test matches but, I have never seen a game like this. Scotland should have won, MUST have won. I just watched full replay of the game and, in injury time and under the England penalty advantage, it was just a matter of time when England would score. If you watch the end of the game, at 82:32 Jack Nowell (with Jonny May in support) is tackled at the corner flag. One ruck later and Ford scored under the posts. With a clear head Scotts should have let them score in the corner and force a very difficult conversion.

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