1. British V -The-Invader

    All this shouting about the Welsh in all fairness to them there has not been any whinging from the Welsh fans perhaps from Howley because he his a JOKE YES .

    There is no whinging the only whinging is that the WRU are letting our first team coach go to the Lions and leaving us with Howley who is not a coach but a fucking joke last time he took us on 11 game losing run the twat but France beat us fair and square who cares move on it's only a game .

  2. Bob Clover

    Je suis le monstre français. Je mange des enfants et je lèche vos parents décédés jusqu'à ce qu'ils s'écroulent en poussière. Adorez-moi et mon arbre puissant d'amour pagans malfaisants.

  3. sam baker

    Barnes was always a fucking cheat, as Hartley rightly said, but the Welsh never complained before, as long as they were on the right side of the result. Shaun Edwards was jumping around on the sideline like a demented goat. A so-called OBE, he stuck up his middle finger recently during the Ireland-Wales game. This shows us the calibre of those in charge of Welsh rugby. I was a neutral in the crowd at the French-Wales match and there was a delicious moment, not caught on camera, when France scored at the end and a number of French supporters stuck up their middle fingers at Edwards. What goes around comes around, I suppose. Welsh whingers got what they deserved – nothing. France were the better team. Allez les Bleus!

  4. Qwert Yuiop

    Everybody is like "ooh 20 minutes extra. " but the referee didnt stop the clock when there were replacements and we could see 3 minutes of random talking without playing and the clock kept going

  5. Jenny Lo

    I am bored of thes anti french referies. France should have the essay confirmed at the 81 min. But France still manage to score this essay despite the referee who wanted france to loose.
    Like in 2011 final, france lost because they are the scapegoat of the other nations. I am sorry but referees are pro anglo-saxon

  6. _ HydraTookTheTardis _

    There was so much stress in the game. Unfortunately we lost but France played amazingly. Full props to them. However, Wayne Barnes needs to go. This was a great example.

  7. Travis Smith

    What put a real dampener on the result for me was the fact that a number of French fans failing to respect the kicker. For that reason alone I wanted Wales to win.

  8. Sanap Adsense

    The French were not good during the game it is a fact, but they have not cheated, be lucid and look at things with honesty.
    The Vakatawa yellow card at 18 minutes is debatable and the penalty try not granted at the end is a proof of the referee's impartiality.

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