1. Marcus Morehuy

    Bloody awesome tries, good to see the northern hem doing strong with mad skills hope yous do well this year and at the world cup, but the Mighty ALL BLACKS 🇳🇿🇳🇿

  2. David Rowe

    Wind to 1:55, third Ireland try – I fail to understand why this wasn't at least referred to the TMO. Look at where the pass was made and where it was received (pitch markings). Even with the new "laws of physics" interpretation of the forward/backward pass definition, this one needed looking at. (And no, I'm not Scottish, just a rugby fan who is getting tired of inconsistent application of the laws). Don't get me started on the late hit on Hogg (and borderline late hits on Sexton). It ruins the game when the best players are taken out illegally.

  3. Back ln 87

    Well done ireland, the republic of sodomites, and murderers of their own children, no longer the isle of saints and scholars but now sodom and Gomorrah

  4. Limmeh

    An Irish fan that probably doesn't know shit about what he's on about here, a bit disappointed about losing out on a BP but I certainly won't act sour. We're just too slow, and generally can't cope with high tempo/intense play. That's why we lost to England in the Aviva (respect to them, they're bouncing back as we should be), and that's why I would say that this win, although a win, wasn't reassuring. Mediocre tries, intermittent gaps in our line and we're just lacking the "bread and butter stuff" in general as we say…
    We need to work on line speed and bring some palpable form of tenacity into our games. A bad year to fall apart, but in the big picture, better now than in the WC I suppose.

  5. Brendon Olivier

    I think this year the world cup is going to be a highly competitive one beacouse Ireland is really good England got back to winning ways and is looking good then there is wales who is also doing well then there is also the all blacks so game on I can't wait for world cup

  6. wee ronnie

    Ireland really are a load of shit as if Scotland hadn't made so many ridiculous and 'unforced' errors, they would have beaten the tallywackers quite comfortably. England pummelled them in Dublin and Wales will do the same – at that point, the arrogance of the fans, players and the press over there in tallywacker land will be no more…….arrogant pricks, thinking they only had to turn up against England and they would win! Oh, yeah, someone in the tallywacker's camp should have a word with that prick, Stockdale, as he really needs to grow up.

  7. Peter Mcgehan

    If you are looking for some sort of validation of Ireland as a World Cup contender then you would simply have to remove this match from the evidence because when they face South Africa or The All Blacks in their quarter final they will not encounter defense as half hearted as the Scots displayed in this game.

  8. Twitting On Trender

    If I were Sexton I'd tell the Lions to do one next time. People trying to injure him week in and week out, then expect him to line up alongside them and win games for them on tour. Have a summer off and heal yourself, mate.

  9. Rodz 3078

    Good game Ireland showed a bit more toe then the Scots, Scotland's forward pack are good match for Ireland, just a bit slow around the edges. Both teams improving at the start of the season. Keep it up 🤙🤙🤙🇳🇿

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