1. Salt Salty

    How the tides have turned since last year. The Irish up in it thinking they've already won the grand slam. England fans had the same attitude last year and look what happened then. England could still perfectly easily win the six nations.


    All these vitriolic haters make me sick to the core ……Try playing rugby with only 15 people I. E. one team. Bloody morons it's game of union ………retro retards.

  3. Gwyn Williams

    If been saying this for months England are overrated yes they won 25 games but they played teams that were plagued with injuries. Wales were 8 lions short. And as for Ireland I think if they play well and don't panic to much will hammer England. Saying that England will be up for a good fight. And as for Eddie Jones please England get rid of that twat bring someone else. Ireland 31 England 15

  4. Joy Division

    Well done Scotland , that’s what we get for pundits , commentators and the media hyping up England to the heavens time after time , also well done to Scotland U20’s v England U20’s , I wish our cringeworthy pundits and media would stop this ‘ just turn up and win attitude ‘ we were well put in our place.
    Fellow Englishmen , some of you need to stop being so cocky then after being defeated , learn to drop the endless excuses & drivel…it only makes us look worse.

  5. Kerry Gallagher

    Congratulations Scotland, from ABs fan. England are still pretty formidable though. And sometimes a loss teaches you more than a win. Great competition in the six nations this year.

  6. Random Ashe

    It's always funny to see other fans accuse England of being arrogant and disrespectful. Then you read the comments after a loss and they all act like smug pricks while trying to rub it in. The only reason they hate us is because of their inferiority complex so acting like children after they occasionally win against us is their natural instinct.

  7. R T

    Well played Scotland. As an aussie follower, EJ starts standing up 5 mins into the game as a sign of nervousness. He knew his selections were flawed with a few players especially that stodgy backrow..

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