1. James Ritchie

    Incredible how many South Africans are making a huge impact in the NH game. Sad how our boys have to leave home. And destroy the Springbok heritage.
    Yup it’s happening

  2. Алексей Иванов

    завал схватки – ирландци в этом лучшие, вообще за ол бдекс, здесь болел за патриков.

  3. Frenz_Declan

    This game is a prime example of forward superiority. Scotland’s backs were phenomenal in this game however it wasn’t enough to beat Ireland bc Scotland’s 8 was lacking. Ireland’s forwards are fit and professional. They don’t crack under pressure or make silly mistakes and it’s why they are dominant.

  4. maurizio azzalin

    I am Irish but so proud that rugby is the sport of small nations. I am so touched by the Scottish and Welsh and Irish anthems on these occasions..what really great examples of sport….

  5. Mountain Marker

    Never seen a full game of Rugby before… what are they trying to do when they all link arms and push against each other and the guy throws the ball under them?

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